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Why Is A Social Fortress A Must For Lawyer Marketing?

Hey guys what’s up its Brian Longley from OnFirstMedia. Hope you’re having a great day. We had a great call come through with an excellent question asking about the social media Fortress and what it does for lawyer marketing.

Receiving A Link From A High Authority Site Too Soon Can Be Damaging

The social media Fortress is a group of high Authority social media sites all branded to your law practice. Building up your brand is crucial to protect your ass at that you’re building as a web property. The reason for this is simple. If you go about this the wrong way, you can get penalized very quickly making it impossible for your website to rank and here is why.

If you were to call up another high Authority lawyer in your industry and ask them to put a web link on their web page pointing back to you, it could sound like a good idea, right? Well, in theory, yes but there is a caveat because if you haven’t prepared your website to handle that kind of recommendation, it could put you in Google’s sandbox ultimately penalizing your website. The reason for this is because it could appear as unnatural. Some people have gotten away with it While others have not and is it worth taking the risk?

Discover Why This Website Is So Important

So there is a website out there that we utilize for our own business and our client’s businesses. The site is called knowem and what’s nice about this website is it will show you social media platforms you have access to with your brand.

We personally set up approximately 250 of these social media platforms in the early phases to help build brand awareness of a potential website that’s going to be ranking. It seems very unnatural just to have a website attempt to rank without having any social proof to back it up.

Is It Difficult To Set Up These Web Properties

So we set these up manually as a part of the process to help protect a web property from potential damage. It will definitely Ensure you’ll be able to get some higher authority backlinks without having things look unnatural which can lead to problems.

Surrounding A Web Property With A Social Fortress Is A Must

So surrounding a web property with the social Fortress is a huge asset for lawyers because they are already in a difficult position to rank because of the ymyl factor which stands for your money your life.   Google will not allow these websites to go up very quickly because of the damage it can potentially cause to someone if they’re not authentic.

So there you have it guys building a social Fortress is a massive asset to your Law Firm.

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