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Whats The Best Landing Page For Lawyers?

Hey guys Brian here, a client of ours reached out to us for somebody they knew that owns a law firm. They had a question with regards to which landing page setup they should utilize for their online infrastructure.


What Is The Purpose Of A Landing Page Anyway?


For those of you that do not know what a landing page is on a website. It is a web page specifically designed to help somebody seeking your services start the process to retain you. It is different from informational pages that you may have set up on your website.  In several ways, a landing page will have specific intent to help someone decide a course of action. It will help them take action towards a process or a strategy to bring them into your ecosystem.


There Are Many Options But Which  System Is The Best?


There are many options out there for attorneys. However, many of these platforms are designed in such a way to make things easy for you but you’ll lack control and customization. Also, many of these platforms are set up in such a way that you cannot own it. So essentially you are paying monthly system fee’s to lease some infrastructure that can change several variables without your consent or control.



Focusing On The Long-Term Not The Short-Term

It can put you into a difficult position if for instance a landing page provider company is acquired or even goes out of business. In some cases, it’s very innocent, but they can easily change their terms of service again rendering you in a potentially awkward position. These systems can sometimes stop working altogether or experience security flaws.


Having Complete Control Is Essential


The bottom line is you would like to use a system that you can control,  provide you many options but is also simple and easy to implement. The system that we have used for years now not only for our business but for our clients as well as a system called Thrive themes.


the most significant benefit is you can quickly integrate this into your infrastructure attached to an asset that you own on WordPress.


We’ve tried many systems over the years, and this is by far the most robust and effective system we never used. It is the system that we would suggest you use to set up your social media client getting system.

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