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What Social Platforms Are A Must For Attorneys

Hey, what’s up? Its Brian Longley from on First Media. There are social media platforms out there that are considered must-haves for attorneys. I would suggest narrowing your scope down to these select few because it can allow you to have simplicity, consistency and most of all will enable you to get the client you’re looking for.


There Are Many Social Media Tools Available You May Not Need


Now there are a lot of tools out there. People are always wondering which ones to use in their law practice to get the client’s they need. The last thing you want to do is create a whole lot of work for yourself and complicate the process. The vast majority of the tools are not needed to get the results you are looking to achieve. This system is advantageous in all walks of the legal industry.   The system can be set up and utilized for law practices involved in emergency type clients such as personal injury, or it can also be set up to bring in leads for law firms engaged in even corporate contract law. It’s very versatile.


Using The Correct Tools Can Be Simple Yet Effective


You want to set up a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, an autoresponder series, a Blog And simple but effective lead magnet on the very front end. From there you can utilize traffic sources they can send targeted traffic to your webpage. Once you have the traffic coming to your website you can guide it down a path, it’s straightforward to set up.


Simplicity Is The Key To Consistency


Keeping things simple will allow you to maintain the stuff daily which will also look favorable to Google because you were continually adding fresh content to your website blog and also to the YouTube channel. In case you did not know YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine on the planet. So by utilizing that tool, you are stacking all the odds into your favor over a lot of the other social media tools where there’s a lot of noise. Some of the other tools such as Instagram, Twitter can add additional fuel to the fire.


The Best Part Is It’s Simple Enough To Outsource


 The best part of all this is you could also Outsource a lot of this to an assistant because it is effortless. If you’re out there just trying to build brand awareness, then some of the simple tools can be used for that purpose. However, if you’re genuinely looking to produce leads and have a system in place that is predictable and if effective then you want the core tools for lead generation.



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