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What An Attorney Friend Shared About A Stressful Client

Hey guys Brian Longley here from OnFirstMedia .  I wanted to relay a story to you after a conversation I had with an attorney friend of mine.  I’ve known this gentleman for many years now. He’s a great guy, and he was expressing some frustrations to me.  He revealed to me that had he known what he knows now, things could have been very different. In fact, he would have had experienced a lot less stress in his life.

He Would Have Done Things Completely Different Knowing What He Knows Today

He expressed to me that he took on a case because he needed to take on that case At the time. He is in copyright law.  It’s always an interesting discussion when we chat about his practice because the nuances involved in copyright law I find very intriguing. A lot of this stuff is still very new to law because technology is changing so rapidly. So I enjoy our conversations immensely.  

Alpha Type Personalities Can Make For Difficult Clients.

The case involved three different personality styles. He has a dominant Alpha type personality, and he also took on a client that shares many of the same characteristics. The personality styles created quite a conflict even initially. To make matters even more interesting, the person that his client conflicted with also had a dominant Alpha type personality. He clearly expressed the fact that in hindsight he would not go near this case and should not have taken it on but was in a position where he did not have an option.

Sometimes The Best Advice Is The Simplest

It’s not like he didn’t have the experience; he had been in the industry for many years and was able to offer solid advice based off of experience. The suggestion that he brought forward was to find the middle ground and settle. However, the two parties opted to go at each other at full speed. In the end,  they ended up spending a lot more money over many months to ultimately end up in the position that he suggested they take in the first place.

Taking On Cases For The Right Reasons

Of course, he said the money was nice, but it was not worth all the stress that was involved. Including coming home late for the family, putting in long stressful hours for unnecessary deadlines and many other issues he felt he didn’t want to share.

The bottom line is being an attorney can be very stressful especially if you have very little control over which clients you can decide to take on. Imagine what it is worth to you to be able to take on the client you want and to cherry pick some instances because they will be exciting and everybody will benefit from it. Being an attorney is stressful enough,  having control over which cases you take on because your pipeline is continuously full is a very satisfying position to be in. Imagine the difference it can make in all aspects of your life.

We have put up many free resources available to lawyers so they too can implement the strategies we know are successful, and we use every day with our clients.

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