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How Long Does It Take To See Results With A Well-Designed Social Media Strategy?

Hey guys Brian here, we were out to dinner with a fantastic group of Lawyers and Associates the other night. We had some great conversations about many topics. However, one question came up that I thought I would share here because it’s a common question. One of the associates asked about the social media strategy for obtaining clients and how long it would take to see results. It’s a fantastic question for many reasons.


There Are Many Reasons Why You Want To Build On A Platform You Own


The first reason why it’s a relevant question is that we’ve seen many attorneys get frustrated with their previous attempts to build a following. One of the main issues that can come up is using different social media platforms where a large corporation owns them. In these instances, people posting content have very little control over the terms of service. Even if you comply with the terms of service, the algorithm can change overnight leaving you without an audience. This sudden change has happened countless times too many attorneys and in some instances has soured attorneys when it comes to social media.


Setting Up A Simple System Is Ideal.


Another reason why this is a fantastic question is that when you own the assets, you can have full customization, and sometimes this can play a role as to how long it takes to get results. Its because many people attempt to make things more complicated rather than implementing a straightforward system. Also,  attorneys will Target different audiences because of client Journey. The client journey is different in many areas of law. For example, personal injury is an emergency type service. The nurturing process for a client to take action can be concise versus other areas of law.


Results Can Be Impacted By The Learning Curve


Finally, this is a great question to ask because it’s dependent upon if people are doing the work themselves or if they are delegating the tasks (like they should) to help compliment people that can handle and understand their needs. Many attorneys struggle with the idea of Delegation, and that was what was so ironic about the conversation with the associates.


On Average You Can See Results Within A Couple Months


Either way, we have seen attorneys achieve results within two weeks of having the system setup While others can be 4 or 5 months. On average though, two months is a very acceptable time frame to see results.

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