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Is Blogging For Attorneys Effective?

There’s a popular question being asked quite a bit lately with regards to blogging.   The question is: Is Blocking Dead for attorneys in 2019? The short answer to that is absolutely not.  But of course, there is a caveat to that answer. Many attorneys have been using a Blog on their website figuring it will help them with their rankings in Google, which is partly true but attorneys also expected to receive phone calls for their hard-earned efforts.  Attorneys have been using it as a tool to build awareness hoping to draw in phone calls. This process by itself is not sufficient enough. Not anymore. Perhaps two or three or even five years ago it may have been useful as a standalone component for lead generation. In 2019 however, it’s not effective really if used on its own. If you’re using it to build awareness and possibly obtain clients from that avenue, it can be a lengthy, agonizing process. It’s, for this reason, it is actually why the topic has come to the surface quite a bit lately.

There Is Some Good News Even Still

The good news is, there is a very effective method to use along with a Blog.  This method will yield results virtually like it’s on steroids, but it needs to in conjunction with some other tools. Not only that, you need to implement a specific strategy that is going to allow you to capture your readers for the long term. Mainly your blog will be a component in a funnel that initiates a beneficial follow-up process.

For those that do not know what a marketing funnel is. It’s a description used to signify a funnel where are by the people entering in the top of the funnel are curious and may only have an interest and what you offer. Further down the funnel it’s more narrow, and you have fewer people, but this is where people will have a higher level of Interest in what you provide. The people in this stage of the funnel are usually more serious and are beginning to compare services. As you get further into the funnel at the bottom, it’s a lot more narrow, and there are a lot fewer people. However, you will have people that are very interested in what you offer. The people at the bottom of the funnel are usually ready to make a purchase or sign a contract retaining your services.

Discover What You Need To Know About Blogging.

A blog is a very effective tool if used correctly as one component for the funnel process that we described above. Ultimately it’s a great tool allowing you to nurture the prospects that are not ready to pick up the phone and retain you as their lawyer.

You need to ultimately have a way to tie people into your ecosystem and help educate them to the point where they know you like you and trust you. The beauty of a Blog is you also own it as an asset, and you’re not prone to social media algorithms. The algorithms can be a big problem when you invest a whole bunch of time into a platform, and then overnight they change the algorithm rendering all the work you’ve done over that time virtually useless.

There Are Countless Advantages If Done Correctly.

The other advantage to the system is you will find you will get many referrals because people will get to know you and find it valuable to share you with one of their friends. It is at this point where the power comes in with social media.

Word of mouth in the past was very effective albeit pretty slow. Now in today’s society, everything has shifted over to digital allowing information to be shared instantaneously. We need to learn how to utilize these tools efficiently. People want your services. There’s just so much noise in the online world that people may not know enough about you to pick up the phone and retain you. Having a Blog set up in conjunction with a specific system will allow you to take advantage of this with a high level of success.

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