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How Much Should Lawyers Spend Marketing Online?

Hey guys Brian Longley here from on First Media. Another fantastic question today that we’re going to cover and gets asked quite a bit. The question is how much should an attorney set aside as a budget for digital online marketing.  

Be Sure To Get A Free Audit Done To Determine Your Needs

To answer this effectively, people should go through and get a free audit done to determine their needs. After you understand your requirements, you can then decide on the amount that should be set aside for a budget. However, this can range for several reasons. One of the first things that stand out is the area of law that you practice. For example, personal injury or criminal lawyer will have a different requirement then perhaps a small firm with three in-house lawyers practicing family law. Their business models will likely be set up differently to some extent. In some instances clients don’t pay the lawyers unless the lawyer wins.

A Very Popular Issue Relating To Digital Online Marketing Providers

Something we’ve seen that is prevalent relating to digital agencies is the agency will provide a service to a law practice, but it doesn’t fulfill their complete needs. For example, we’ve seen where a  search engine optimization agency might pop up and retain the services for a law firm. However, they only provide one element. The element is to provide traffic to a website. When they only give traffic to a website, it’s not completing the full picture. It’s rather easy to just set up a website with traffic intake the law firms money. Driving traffic to a website only does not always translate into clients picking up the phone in retaining services. We’ve seen many law firms frustrated because of providers they’ve worked with in the past.

Many Law Firms Have Been Ripped Off

Many of these law firms have had a negative experience for this exact reason. In fact, this has cost many attorneys a lot of money where they are hesitant to spend money on digital marketing.

There Are Some Great Data-driven Strategies Available

The industry is changing continually. Currently, there are some great data-driven strategies you can implement into an overall picture. Putting together a plan without having data to back it up does not allow you to make corrections as you grow. You cannot adjust what you do not measure.

Some Actual Generalize Numbers

Some smaller firms should be looking at $2000 to $5,000 a month as a realistic generalized number for marketing. Some of the larger law firms can easily spend between 50 to $60,000 a month or more. It depends on the needs of the law firm and what cools you want to implement and the overall vision to obtain results. Again, these are just generalized numbers. We would suggest that you steer clear of any cookie cutter pricing models and you do not want to be sure online reputation paying somebody near minimum wage prices. The smaller price points are typically using dangerous business models to bring on as many marketing clients to a massive scale only to be gone tomorrow.

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