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How Lawyers Can Snowball Existing Traffic Into Clients

Hey, guys, it’s Brian Longley from on First Media. We had a great question come into the office today from somebody online.  We answered this for them, and I wanted to share the results of what we spoke about in a video for you guys. I think it’ll make a massive impact on your business and your law practice.

This Method Can Apply To Many Areas Of Law

This method can apply to industries of law where it’s an emergency such as personal injury or even On the other Spectrum where you could be dealing with something that takes a little longer To nurture that lead. These are areas where this principle applies. If you are trying to get clients from online and want them to retain your services, this is what you’re looking to do.

The question boiled down to how can they capture more of that traffic that is going to their website.  Even if you have a fair bit of traffic coming to your website you still need to increase your conversion rate to where clients will pick up the phone and retain your services.

The Website Was Getting Very Targeted Traffic

In this specific situation, these people were getting very targeted traffic to their website within a particular niche. The traffic was staying on the site looking around and getting information yet they were hesitant to pick up the phone and retain their service. The people asking the question wanted to know how they could capture that traffic rather than paying for them to come to their site once and then leave.

So if 99% of the traffic is very that comes to your website is targeted, and they’re spending time on your website but not calling.   It’s highlighting an underlining issue. The law firm in question needs to implement a strategy to be able to reconnect continuously with their visitors.

One Of The Best Methods Available To Capture Traffic

 They need to have a lead magnet set up on their website to have people come in and fill out a form. When they fill out this form, they will enter their email and their name in exchange for a low-cost or free cheat sheet that will solve a problem to the visitor. The visitor will gladly into their email and their name in exchange for this information. The best part is you will be able to reconnect continuously with this visitor. A visitor will not land on your website and disappear forever.

You Need Multiple Opportunities To Connect With Your Audience

It is a huge ask to have a visitor land on your website once and hope that they pick up the phone to retain your services. Years ago it would take three contacts with a visitor for them to begin the process of knowing you, liking you and trusting you. This number has now increased up to above 25.

By having an autoresponder series set up with your lead magnet, you can quickly push show information that’s specific and relevant for their needs in an automated way all the while building a relationship and putting you in a position where you can reconnect with these people continually.

Just imagine not having to re-cultivate a new audience every month. It can get crazy expensive if you do not have this system setup the capture your audience and help your visitors come to the solutions that they need to move forward in their life.

There are simple systems that you can set up to implement into your law practice. Have a look around at what we’ve done for our business. Take advantage of it and utilize it in your practice.

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