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Is Consistency Absolutely Everything For Digital Marketing?

Hey guys Brian Longley here from OnFirstMedia.   I want to relay a story today regarding the conversation I had with an attorney friend of mine. I’ve known this gentleman for many many years.  He works with a large firm, and he has an issue with consistency. The reason for this is because he travels for the firm a lot. He’s required to go to many satellite locations and quite often it’s at the last minute. This could throw a massive wrench into his marketing concepts if you were to allow it to be a problem. He asked me how important is it to have consistency in his marketing when he faces this issue. The short answer is consistency is everything. In other words, he must prioritize this in one way or another.

What’s The Solution Then?

The solution here is to look at your schedule in complete detail and try to predict patterns possibly over the last six months. Use this information to attempt to predict your future relatively speaking oh, so that you can plan ahead in advanced and not lose out on opportunities to get some of the simple things done. For example, if you know that you are going to be traveling to three different locations across the country it within a week. Plan ahead so that when you’re at the airport, you can take two or three minutes to apply it towards your marketing.

If You’re Delegating Or Doing It Yourself Preparation Is Key

If you’re delegating this out to people, then you need to plan for a couple of minutes to communicate with your content writer and people handling the back end.   It is for this reason we utilize a tool such as Basecamp to track everything and allow for everyone involved in a project to communicate freely.

What Happens If You’re Off The Grid For A Day Or Two?

If you feel that you might be off the grid for a day or two, then look at your schedule and plan ahead for that. Allow yourself to get that topic covered quickly and comfortably ahead of time so that you do not experience any gaps in your productivity.


If you have gaps in your schedule or Blips, it is too easy to let it all slide and before you know it you’re not doing anything that you need to do. In reality, the system only requires a short bit of time every day.   we all have that available to us if we don’t we can make it available to us. in the long run it is unbelievably worth it

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