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Three Types Of Website Traffic Lawyers Must Understand

Hey guys what’s up? Its Brian Longley from  OnFirstMedia. I needed to cover an important topic today. It’s vital to understand this; in fact, it’s crucial for your law practice.  If you are an attorney and you’re looking for leads from online. Then you need to understand the three types of traffic coming to your website.   You must grasp this principle to get the right traffic and your dream clients into your ecosystem. If you want to have, people pick up the phone and retain your services.  This is where the rubber meets the road.

The First Type Of Traffic Leaves You With Virtually No Options.

The first type of traffic source that will be coming to your site will be traffic that you do not control.   This traffic may come from people looking for a solution and finding your website. Now, they May have found you through the search engines, or it can be from a referral even. Perhaps from a friend of theirs that told them about you. The prime issue with this type of traffic is that you have no way to get back to these people that are potentially interested in your services. They may search you out, land on your website and get distracted and leave. Never to be heard from again. Now, these people may never search you out a second time. It can be a significant detriment to you and the party looking for your services.

The Second Form Of Traffic Is What 98 Percent Of People Rely On.

There is also a second form of traffic that can come to your website. This type is traffic that you can control. For example, this traffic can be the result of optimizing your website for a specific keyword related search results. It can also be from Paid traffic sources like Facebook ads or Google pay per click campaigns. Again,  if you do not have a mechanism in place to capture this traffic permanently, this traffic can come to your website possibly at a high expense, and it can still leave without recourse to get back to these people. Yes, you’re throwing a lot more eyeballs at your site, and you may also be paying a premium for this traffic. A percentage of this traffic will convert bringing in Revenue. However, the conversion ratio for this traffic can be quite low.  Additionally, you will need to continue to pay a premium for this traffic month-over-month over month. Its where the vast majority of business owners and law firms fall.

The Third Type Of Traffic

Now, there is a third type of traffic. This type of traffic is perhaps the most important type of traffic online and should be your primary focus from this day forward. The third type is traffic you own. This type is vastly different from the first two types for many reasons. Owning your own traffic source is important because you can nurture the Leads that you would never otherwise convert. When you have a mechanism in place to capture this traffic on your website and channel it into a property that you now own, these leads are now assets that you own. With this approach, you can now send that traffic wherever you would like. You can help educate your audience, and they learn to recognize you as an authority.  When you are an authority, you position yourself very well the help the people you want to help. The strategy will also allow you to be as busy as you would like because you can turn on your leads like a faucet at will.

To conclude, there are three types of traffic sources. There are traffic sources that you do not control. Additionally, there are sources that you do control, but it can be costly if mishandled. The third type of traffic is traffic that you own. It’s by bar the most profitable and what you’re looking for conversions.

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