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Worried you’re just burning hard earned money while you try to get new customers online?  Will your business see a return on investment?

We’ve had many discussions with customers over the seven-plus years of helping companies get found in the online search results. One topic seems to be discussed the most while we’re in the early stages of getting to know our customer. The subject of profitability comes up more than any other topic. I can’t tell you how many customers share this concern when they first learn of search engine optimization and the many options available for having their business found online.

I’m Brian Longley, and I’m the founder of OnFirstMedia. I can quickly tell you why being found online is very profitable for your company. We all know specific businesses are generating more traffic right now than ever before in history. Not only are they obtaining more traffic, but they are also developing repeat customers. Just this last year Amazon past brick-and-mortar stores in online sales. Traffic coming to any business is the lifeblood of the business, period. Without traffic, a company cannot survive. If you’re not visible, then you’re invisible.

We also know Google does a great job providing search results to help their users find solutions to problems they might have. They also help customers find the products or services they need to purchase in their everyday lives. The question now becomes.  How do they prioritize who is at the top of the results where people click first?  The easiest way to explain this is if Google understands what the site is about when they crawl the site, then they can correctly place them in the results. If the site is laid out in such a way that it is confusing to the Google bot, then the site will likely be put further down in the search results.

One of the biggest fears a business owner has is the fear of spending money on optimization and not getting the return on investment. Let me put that fear to rest right now. The pressure is now off because we have tools to determine the search volume of a search term and have the ability to set up a strategy in a way to position ourselves in front of buyers search terms. These are terms that are less generic and are used by customers when they are ready to purchase, increasing the conversion rate immensely.

Companies work with us for numerous reasons. The number one reason is we significantly improve their bottom line and produce results. In fact, companies have been so happy with the results; they’ve been using our referral program. We will pay any person or business $1,000 if they refer a client to us in our core services of search engine optimization providing they are a good fit and we, in the end, work together.

As far as OnFirstMedia goes, this company has been dominant in the search engine optimization industry now for over seven years. Many other companies have left this industry because of the consistent changes. It’s a cutting-edge field not taught in mainstream schools, and there are many changes to the algorithm.  The agencies choosing to cut corners do not last. In fact, some of these companies that are here today and gone tomorrow have hurt websites making it very difficult for them to rank at all.

We have a unique formula that’s proven. While every business we take on is different, our strategies and principles work. Our procedures are laid out in a way where we get traffic to your site immediately and then build equity into your site so you can continue to get results over the long term.  Call us today and let’s have a discussion. I would love to go over a case study with you and show you the analytics available. We will both make money together.

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We need more people who are honest, legitimate, moral, ethical, and willing to go the extra mile for small business. This is Brian hands down. His courses are spectacular.
Susanne Penegar
If I wanted to learn anything I go with somebody who has produced results and demonstrated everything through actions. Brian produces.
Brian's teachings have not only had an impact on my business but also transformed my life. he produces powerful stuff. We have been very impressed with the results.
Anita Schadel

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