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We need more people who are honest, legitimate, moral, ethical, and willing to go the extra mile for small business. This is Brian hands down. His courses are spectacular.
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If I wanted to learn anything I go with somebody who has produced results and demonstrated everything through actions. Brian produces.
Brian's teachings have not only had an impact on my business but also transformed my life. he produces powerful stuff. We have been very impressed with the results.
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Are you a small or medium-sized business trying to obtain more traffic from online sources? You’ve looked at your competitors, you know they’re getting traffic from online. You might just wonder, how they’re arranging this. After all, there are many ways to obtain traffic from online. Which method is the best, especially for your business? Are you looking to get a big message out and build a brand? Or are you trying to get traffic that converts and is very targetted?

We all came to the same conclusion when one of two things happened, someone called us and said we needed a website to represent our business because every business has a site online, or we just flat out figured it out on our own. Either way, we all thought the same thing. If we put together a website people would see it, and they would come to the site and buy our product or service, The problem is everybody thought the same thing, and now there are millions of websites. How do we cut through the noise and how can we be found? Let’s take a look at why it’s difficult for most businesses to obtain traffic from online, what are the conventional traffic sources available that produce ROI and how do you decide a course of action to achieve new business form online?

Why It’s Difficult For Businesses Online.

It’s difficult for businesses to obtain new traffic from online for the straightforward reason, it’s not taught in schools, and it’s a refined skill set. The learning curve is substantial. The amount of time involved to not only understand the picture of what’s happening in an industry that’s continually moving but to refine and then implement the skills needed to be a Powerhouse is something else entirely. A business owner cannot afford to spin plates and spread themselves thin. Attempting to catch two rabbits at the same time results in not catching a rabbit at all. When it comes to opportunity cost, business owners and CEOs need to focus on one thing to the best in their industry. We as a successful digital search agency understand this too. It is why we are the best at what we do and can back it up any day of the week.

What Is The Unique Blend Of Traffic Needed For Success In Your Industry?

We understand the complexities of our industry, and know, every business needs a unique blend of traffic. The first area of traffic sourcing we’ve mastered involves partnering with Google with their paid advertising infrastructure called AdWords. We have passed Googles’ certifications and are fully accredited in this industry to provide pay per click advertising services. We have also mastered the art of Facebook advertising using retargeting pixels on specific campaigns to not only just introduced products and services to people but to have people within a targetted audience ultimately purchase from the companies we work alongside. Best of all we combine a unique blend of traffic sources with organic rankings within Google. It’s one thing to pay for advertising continually. It’s another thing over the long term to be able to wean off and reduce the fixed overhead costs and sustain long-term growth by building equity into your website. Organic traffic in Google is the long game. It pays every time. Building out your social media pays too. It’s all a worthwhile investment every time because the time is going to pass anyway.

How To Decide The Best Course Of Action And Why It Pays Off.

Call today so we can have a worthwhile in-depth discussion and determine how you can decide on a course of action and what to do next. We would first determine your budget then look into solutions for your budget that are effective and will bring you the most significant return on investment. We do command a substantial fee, but we just don’t take on anybody. You don’t want our divided attention. If our price was too low and we attracted the masses, our resources would be spread too thin. The quality of our service would suffer. The truth is it doesn’t matter what we charge because you’ll make money with it. As an average according to studies, for every dollar spent on AdWords, two to eight dollars come back in return. We want to be very clear; our business has been successful for seven-plus years because we win. Go now and fill out the discovery form and take the first step towards making life easier for yourself.

You have choices you can make, however, if you want the best and you want to achieve results that can grow your bottom line, then you’re in the right place. Pick up the phone today and call us. Let ‘s have a discussion and learn what this can do for your business. Do not let your competition beat you. We are here to help, and we are the best. So lets talk today.

Meet The Founder

Brian Longley is an extremely proficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic specialist who concentrates on the innovation of paid and organic search within various industry sales funnel stages. He is a leader in best practices for Online Search and Marketing Conversion.

Brian has intensified his focus choosing to train small to Medium sized business owners and marketing directors the way of online search and conversion using a proprietary blend of specific traffic strategies.

His own digital search agency OnFirstMedia has a strong footprint in servicing countless companies in both business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) Arenas.

Discover how Brian can help your business monetize from online traffic sources. Enroll today.

Brian Longley